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I am also going to be using the Mexican Velveeta if I can find it and Gluten free pasta. Just made this for the Super Bowl, very disappointed! Followed recipe but added a bit more velveeta as other posters said it would make it more creamy.

VELVEETA Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese - My Food and Family

I think it needs a bit more liquid and I think covering with foil might help keep moisture in. The grainy taste comes from using the half n half. I use heavy cream or evaporated milk. Try it out. I hope this helps you. This looks super good! Can I use regular whole milk instead of half and half? If so, How would I alter the recipe?

Good luck!

Velveeta Mac and Cheese

Cheesy cheesy!! With Mac and Cheese being my favorite food I am very picky with a lot of recipes. This one however was absolutely amazing, I added extra velveeta and it was so creamy and delicious. I highly recomend this dish to all the Mac and cheese lovers out there. Mac n cheese is my all time favorite! I am cooking this recipe as I write this.. I have been trying to find a good creamy mac n cheese recipe and thought this may be it but the video and directions were a little deceiving.

I am not sure if others had this issue but I have had this issue with a different recipe befor too. I would suggest making sure to melt the sauce before pouring into the dish. I just made this recipe and it turned out great I completely fixed the cheese sauce mixture by itself and substituted the Velveeta for 4 ounces of cream cheese added1 can evaporated milk instead of half and half. Stir until all cheese is melted then stir in noodles and bake.

If you read up on sodium citrate, it emulsifies the cheese and makes a wonderful cheese sauce. Sodium citrate can be purchased on-line i. When I mention it to people, they give me the stink eye. I made this dish at Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. I want to make it again for Christmas. But I was wondering if it could be made the night before? Will put in the oven to bake in the morning after church. I would think it would be fine. And I cannot clearly tell how big it is in the video, which I had to mute to save my ears from the hyper ear-killing cuckoo clock music.

What You Need

Do you HAVE to complain??? Hi Victoria, All recipes consider weight of pasta uncooked. When your cooking it, should you cook the Mac and Cheese in a casserole dish that is covered or uncovered? I made this Mac and cheese for Thanksgiving.

Everyone loved it. I heated up leftovers 3 days later and it was still moist. This is now my go to side dish! I made this and while everyone liked it, it was a little dry and clumpy, not as creamy as advertised. It will melt all the way in the oven.

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Your can stir it up after your bake for a few mins and then add the cheese on top. Yours was definitely dry because you pan heated it first! By the description and all the comments I am extremely excited to see how it turns out. Thank you for what seems to be a quick, easy, amazing mac and cheese. Just made this for Thanksgiving and my husband and mother had to taste test it and they are still talking about how good it is. That was before it went in the oven!! I wanted to make this for thanksgiving for 8 people, but the men usually will go for seconds and thirds lol.

Will this be enough or should I double the ingredients? And if I wanted to add a little pepper jack cheese for a little kick, how much cheese should I add? If u heat up leftovers is it creamy or is it one big blob? Or do you add a little milk to help cream it up?

Leftovers should still be creamy once reheated, but not quite as creamy as when it is fresh.


The pasta tends to soak up the liquid over time. I use salted, but some people think this mac and cheese is a little on the salty side so I think it would be fine to use unsalted if that is what you have. I was wondering if adding a little cream cheese to the recipe would work or not?

Or does the velveeta alone add enough creaminess to it? Also, I see other recipes use Dijon mustard for a spice…. I thought about trying a little fresh garlic and then adding a topping to your recipe. I never made homemade mac and cheese before. I read a lot of different recipes…your recipe looks like something I would like.

One more question…. Can the recipe be halved? Serving size of 8 is way too much. The Velveeta does add plenty of creaminess, but I think someone had commented that they had used some cream cheese and they liked the way it tasted. You can definitely half the recipe. A little mustard will help add some flavor. Good luck making your first homemade mac and cheese! This recipe is similar to Sweetie Pies which is good. If I wanted to make a day ahead.

Should i bake then refrigerate or assemble…. I have the same question. I am going to a thanksgiving dinner and going to bring this but I work all day so I would like to prepare it ahead of time. What would be the best way to do so? Right lol. Wish me luck! You may prepare and bake right before.

The Velveeta is not melted in at the same time as the other cheeses? It just goes into the oven cubed? The macaroni should still be hot when you mix it in and it will mostly be melted before it goes in the oven.

Velveeta Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese

This sounds easy to make , looks amazing! Mac and cheese is one of my favorite meals! Even at my age 29? Looks like I will have to run to the store for a couple ingrediance! Thank you for posting this! We made this as a side dish to go with our filet mignons. This is a great recipe.

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Very easy. I think that recipe uses evaporated milk instead of half-and-half and has sour cream in it. I have made this recipe and many more.